Changelog for ASDF-Status

Generated on Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Thu May 11 14:56:01 EDT 2006Gary King <>
Fixing in-packages
Mon Apr 24 22:34:29 EDT 2006Gary King <>
using lml-princ instead of lml-format to print a newline
Sat Apr 15 18:56:40 EDT 2006Gary King <>
various minor update
Thu Feb 2 13:46:07 EST 2006Gary King <>
Updated formatting of news section
Sat Jan 28 18:51:43 EST 2006Gary King <>
Moved to almost tableless design; I now have achieved nirvana: I can look a bit odd in every browser! <smile>
Thu Jan 26 22:45:50 EST 2006Gary King <>
Fixed :Name links
Thu Jan 19 10:22:41 EST 2006Gary King <>
Corrected loop syntax
Thu Jan 19 10:22:14 EST 2006Gary King <>
Minor webpage fixes
Thu Jan 12 11:55:52 EST 2006Gary King <>
Using my copy-file instead of CL-FAD's so changing :ignore to :supersede
Mon Jan 9 15:15:20 EST 2006Gary King <>
removed css file
Mon Jan 9 15:15:14 EST 2006Gary King <>
Copy everything in static-files folder instead of only CSS
Mon Jan 9 15:14:34 EST 2006Gary King <>
Re-worked webpage
Fri Jan 6 17:53:32 EST 2006Gary King <>
Silly typos for detail pages and auther index
Fri Jan 6 16:42:52 EST 2006Gary King <>
Changes to CL-FAD (no more overwrite); rearranged 'static-files'; minor changes in signatures; added better text to the readme.
Fri Jan 6 15:48:05 EST 2006Gary King <>
Rearranged static support files; added author summaries
Wed Jan 4 15:00:37 EST 2006Gary King <>
Added verbose? keyword parameter all over the place
Tue Jan 3 21:25:37 EST 2006Gary King <>
Better data processing of input files to output files and saved files
Tue Jan 3 10:08:55 EST 2006Gary King <>
WIP: moving towards a more DB like infrastructure to save old data and update it with new stuff as it comes in. Several other minor corrections and improvements.
Sun Jan 1 15:11:39 EST 2006Gary King <>
Added website to system def; update website
Sun Jan 1 14:48:14 EST 2006Gary King <>
Modified CSS files; improved output; better (?) colors too
Sun Jan 1 13:27:35 EST 2006Gary King <>
Minor parsing AIT parsing update to account for minor changes in ASDF-Install-Tester.
Sun Jan 1 13:26:07 EST 2006Gary King <>
Added graph-em.lisp
Sun Jan 1 09:24:35 EST 2006Gary King <>
Added COPYING file
Sat Dec 24 15:05:13 EST 2005Gary King <>
Better layout; more html fun; better error classification
Thu Dec 22 15:06:27 EST 2005Gary King <>
Copies CSS files; moved default directories a bit
Wed Dec 21 21:53:58 EST 2005Gary King <>
added CSS files; changed from 'summary' to 'index'
Wed Dec 21 21:53:22 EST 2005Gary King <>
added website
Wed Dec 21 20:26:15 EST 2005Gary King <>
first record