the Bundler is an ASDF-Extension that combines a bunch of ASDF-Installable systems into one easily and painlessly. Once you've loaded bundler, you can make a bundled system by evaluating

> (com.metabang.bundler:make-bundle <system> <output-directory>)

for example:

>  (com.metabang.bundler:make-bundle 'cl-markdown "/tmp/cl-markdown-bundle/")

If all goes well, you'll see lots and lots of [ASDF-Install][] messages. When it's finished, you'll find all of the sub-systems neatly downloaded into the directory you specified and a new system file named system-bundle.asd (e.g., cl-markdown-bundle.asd). For example:

(Sample directory listing)

If you ASDF load-op the bundled system file, it will load all of the dependencies and give you joy. At least, that's what it is supposed to do. If it doesn't, please let me know.

Getting Bundler

You can help me experiment by looking at the darcs repository

darcs get

or by ASDF-Installing it or just downloading a tarball. It's also on the CLiki.

Bundler doesn't have it's own mailing, but you can contact Gary King directly is you have any questions.

You can also follow development on unCLog.

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