Function Parse-Brief-Slot

Part of:

package metabang.utilities
( parse-brief-slot < slot > &optional < automatic-accessors? > < automatic-initargs? > < name-prefix > < name-postfix > < name-separator > < additional-options > )

Returns a verbose-style slot specification given a brief style, consisting of
a single symbol, the name of the slot, or a list of the slot name, optional
initform, optional symbol specifying whether there is an initarg, reader, or
accessor, and optional documentation string. The specification of initarg,
reader and accessor is done by the letters I, R and A, respectively; to specify
none of those, give a symbol containing none of those letters, such as the
symbol *. This function is used in the macro defclass-brief,&#39; but has been<br> broken out as a function in its own right for those writing variants on the<br>defclass' macro. If a verbose-style slot specification is given, it is
returned unchanged.

If automatic-accessors? is true, an accessor is defined, whether A is<br> specified or not _unless_ R is specified. If automatic-initargs? is true,
an initarg is defined whether I is specified or not. If name-prefix&#39; or<br>name-postfix' is specified, the accessor name has that prepended or appended,
with name-separator, and the slot name in the middle.

All other CLOS slot options are processed normally.