Macro Defclass-Brief

Part of:

package metabang.utilities
( defclass-brief < name > < superclasses > < slots > &rest < class-options > )

A macro with simpler syntax than defclass&#39; that allows some<br> briefer ways of expressing things. The syntax is more like defstruct.' A
documentation string is optional. Each slot is expressed as either a bare
symbol, or a list of the name of the slot, its initial value, a symbol with the
letters I, R, A, standing for :initarg, :reader and :accessor, and a
documentation string. The symbol, whose package is unimportant, determines the
generation of reader, accessor and so forth; the names are the same as the slot
name. All other CLOS options are processed normally.

In addition, three new class options are defined.
:AUTOMATIC-ACCESSORS means that an accessor is defined for every slot
:AUTOMATIC-INITARGS means that an initarg is defined for every slot
(:NAME-PREFIX <symbol> <separator>) (:NAME-POSTFIX <separator> <symbol>)
prepends or appends symbol&#39; with separator'
to each slot accessor. The default symbol is the class name and the default
separator is the hypen, in which case the wrapping parentheses are optional.