Just a pretty face

What it is

ASDF-Status is ASDF-Install-Tester's outgoing younger brother. It uses its sibling's results to build pages like this:

see the current results for yourself.


Mailing Lists

ASDF-Status isn't a separate project at this point but if you have questions, comments or concerns, just drop Gary King a line.

Where is it

You can grab a tar ball or access the Darcs repository using:

 darcs get 

ASDF-Status is ASDF installable. Its CLiki home is right where you'd expect.

What is happening

1 Jan 2006Lots of fixes including HTML encoding (thanks to John Wiseman for pointing this out), improved SBCL support (thanks to Christophe Rhodes), better colors (thanks to Eric Hanchrow) and various other improvements.
21 Dec 2005Created